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DFO Requests Feedback on 2020 Southern Resident Killer Whale Management Measures

Feliksas Markevicius, Recreational Fisheries Program Manager at DFO, has written to request feedback from recreational anglers regarding measures that DFO put in place to protect Southern Resident Killer Whales.

This information will help us to understand more about how the measures are working on the water and to help inform future management measures. Please note, the response to this survey will be collected anonymously and none of the information will be used to pursue enforcement action.

DFO email of August 26, 2020

This link (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XT6RXC3) takes you to a short survey regarding the 2020 suite of Southern Resident Killer Whale management measures.

You may read here about the Southern Resident Killer Whale management measures. Questions should be sent using email to the Marine Mammal Team – DFO.SRKW-ERS.MPO@dfo-mpo.gc.ca

Survey on 2020 SRKW Management Measure Options

You have until March 23 to tell DFO how you feel about the Southern Resident Killer Whale management measures they are proposing for the 2020 season.

Southern Resident Killer Whales face three primary threats to recovery: reduced prey availability (primarily Chinook salmon), contaminants, and physical and acoustic disturbance.

In 2019, the Government of Canada implemented a suite of measures to help address these threats and further support the recovery of Southern Resident Killer Whales. The Government of Canada is expecting to take a similar approach to measures in 2020, with some modifications based on feedback received and lessons learned in 2019.

Email from Fisheries and Oceans Canada/ Pêches et Océans Canada Pacific Region/Région du Pacifique.

The survey and more information on this topic may be found here.

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Transport Canada Survey re: Measures to Protect SRKW

Via the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance and our local Sports Fish Advisory Committee chair, we learned of a Transport Canada online survey.

Transport Canada is now seeking to assess the economic and social impacts of measures put in place to protect the Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW). This Transport Canada project introduction letter will provide some background information.

Transport Canada is seeking feedback from marine stakeholders on how these protection measures may have affected them, their businesses and their communities. VIEA is forwarding this letter and survey link to you in case you would like opportunity to share your thoughts by completing this online survey.

Your participation will help ensure that the magnitude of impacts of the protection measures are communicated to enable the consultants to make informed recommendations to Transport Canada. The survey is completely anonymous and takes about five minutes to complete. There may be opportunity to participate in more focused interviews, if you [are] interest[ed] in exploring economic and operational impacts further.

To be clear, this is Transport Canada, not DFO. The measures largely affect where and how marine vessels may operate, and are not restrictions on recreational fishing.

SFAB Survey ends November 13

As a part of the SFAB Vision 2021, Sport Fishing Advisory Chairs are asking their membership to complete this survey.

Your input will be included in a Gap and Opportunity Analysis that will be provided to a team we are assembling for a workshop on November 20 to 22 to review the SFAB process, its operating model, funding, and services delivered.  As a participant in the SFAB process, your input is highly valued, and we want to provide a wider opportunity for SFAB participants to share their input.