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“New” Federal Contravention Act Tickets 2022

Happy New Year! …and beware the heftier fines now being levied for contravention of the many and myriad recreational fishery rules.

Common Offenses in the Strait of Georgia (not all offenses included):

BC Sport Fishing Regulations

18(1)(a)Fishing without a licence $575
22Fall to record catch (e.g., Chinook or lingood) $575
24Fish for finfish other than salmon during closed time (e.g., Rockfish Conservation Areas)$575
25(1)Retain finfish other than salmon in excess of quota $200 + $50 per fish + 15% surcharge
29(d) Retain undersize lingcod $200 + $100 per fish + 15% surcharge
34(1)Fish for shellfish during closed time (e.g., Prawn closed time) $575
35(1)Retain overlimit oysters/prawns $200 + $10 per oyster/prawn + 15% surcharge
36/a)Retain over limit clams $200 + $10 per clam + 15% surcharge
36(b)Retain overlimit crabs $200 + $10 per crab + 15% surcharge
37(1)(b)Retain undersize crabs $200+ $50 + 15% surcharge
38Fish for crustaceans/shellfish with illegal gear (e.g., too many prawn traps on a line)$575
41Fishing with crab trap with no rot cord $575
41.1Set crab or prawn gear that does not bear operator’s name $288
43Fishing for salmon during closed time $575
44Retain overlimit salmon $200 + $50 per salmon + 15% surcharge
Retain undersize salmon
$200 + $50 per salmon + 15% surcharge
49Fish for salmon with prohibited gear (e.g., Barbed hooks)$575

Fisheries Act

43.4(1)Fail to comply with terms and condition of licence (e.g., Fail to record halibut, retain female crabs, retain berried prawns, fail to use descending device)$863

Fishery (General) Regulations

11Fail to carry and produce licence $115
33(2)(b)fail to forthwith release incidentally caught fish in manner that causes least harm (e.g., Poor handling or catch and release practices)$200+ $50 per fish +15% surcharge
34(3)Wasting fish suitable for human consumption $200+ $50 per fish + 15% surcharge
35(2)Buying, selling, trading or bartering fish or offering to do so $350 + $50 per fish + 15% surcharge
36 (1)(a)Possessing fish, whose species cannot be readily determined (e.g., removing skin, tail or head before arriving at your home residence)$230
36(1)(b)Possessing fish, whose number cannot be readily determined (e.g., Filleting fish into multiple pieces before arriving at your home residence) $230

Anything used in the commission of the offence may be seized as evidence.

BC Sports Fishing Regulations: Suggest a Change

For the full background on this topic, please read this update.

1—What is needed is for the various Local and Regional Committees to review their fisheries and to identify any gear or equipment that should be considered for change allowing it to be varied in season.
2—We ask that in your review, don’t be too concerned about whether your suggestion might be something that can already be done. If you are unsure, identify it. It is anticipated that some of the suggested changes will:

  • Already be able to be done
  • Will not be able to be processed at this time as they require a regulatory change.

We need the SFAC’s to really think outside the box…

To offer your suggestions and recommendations, please use this form. When complete, give the form to your local SFA Committee Chairperson.