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Wild Salmon Advisory Council Hears from Kamloops

On January 8, the provincial government appointed Wild Salmon Advisory Council held a meeting in Kamloops to receive input from interested parties from the BC interior. Our thanks to Kamloops This Week, whose report on the meeting may be read in this article.

Matt Jennings, executive director of the B.C. Fishing Resorts and Outfitters Association, said that while recreational anglers are users of the resource, they are also a passionate group of stewards. He called for drastic measures from the government to show it is committed.

“The one thing I’m looking for from this government is an immediate stoppage of logging in critical salmon habitat,” he said. “If they can show us that they’ll actually do that, I think we’ll have a chance of moving forward.”

Travis Marr, a Tk’emlups member who works for the Stk’emlupsemc te Secwepemc Nation and fishes for both sustenance and sport, said he would like to see an end to “archaic discharge practices.”

“Here in Kamloops we have a sewer plant, Domtar and the city dump all within a small area, all downstream of the Thompson River, where there are juvenile-rearing salmon,” Marr said. “These archaic practices need to change. The City of Kamloops needs to smarten up and make those changes.”

Fraser River Sockeye Migration Numbers for 2018

From DFO Fishery Notice FN1062-Salmon, some numbers worth calling out:

The estimated total sockeye salmon escapement past Mission to September
24 is 5,055,200. From the spawning ground report, more location specific numbers:

Location Count
Scotch Creek counting fence, Aug 9 onward 79,300
Eagle River hydroacoustic site, Aug 10 onward 233,325
Nadina Spawning Channel, post-fire impacts 26,515
Stellako River hydroacoustic site, Aug 1 onward – Nadina sockeye 178,085
Gates Creek 1,874
Chilko River hydroacoustic site, Aug 3 onward 576,353
Quesnel River hydroacoustic site, Aug 7 onward 803,232
Stellako River hydroacoustic site, Aug 1 onward – Stellako sockeye 141,340
Birkenhead River hydroacoustic site, Aug 23 onward 12,163
Sweltzer Creek, July 31 onward – Cultus Lake sockeye 30

You can view much more detail on this topic on the website of the Pacific Salmon Commission.

Spawning sockeye. Image courtesy of Government of Canada DFO site.
Spawning sockeye. Image courtesy of Government of Canada DFO site.