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South Coast SFAB Meeting, Nanaimo, March 30-31, 2019

UPDATE: Proposed amendments to the Fisheries Act in Bill C-68 as well as subsequent changes to the BC Sport Fishing Regulations (BCSFRs) are reviewed and discussed here. A worksheet for the SFACs to capture members’ ideas regarding suggested changes to the BCSFRs is provided here.

The spring South Coast Sports Fishing Advisory Board (SFAB) meeting will take place in Nanaimo, at the Vancouver Island Conference Center, Dodd Narrows Room on March 30-31, 2019. 

A block of rooms has been reserved at the Coast Bastion Hotel. This arrangement expires March 11.

We encourage members of the clubs and associations that comprise the ACS to attend on Saturday, March 30. This will help us gain recognition in support of the ACS regaining a seat on the main board of the SFAB.

The draft agenda can be viewed here. The first day’s agenda is shown below.

SFAB Meeting

Ryan Chamberland, our Area 19/20 SFAB Chairperson, invites you to attend an SFAB meeting on Monday, March 04 at 7:00 pm at the Juan De Fuca Kinsmen Fieldhouse (Building by Golf Course/Tennis Facility, same room as Made In BC Wild Salmon meeting – see the red shape tagged with a 5, below).

Topics on the agenda are:

  1. 2019 Chinook Salmon Fisheries Management.
  2. New halibut regulations for 2019.
  3. Avid Anglers Update.
  4. Southern Resident Killer Whale Update.
  5. Prawn Reductions. DFO is recommending a 50% reduction in prawn limits. The Chair will be seeking input as what the SFAB should recommend to DFO as acceptable limit changes.  
  6. Update on previous motions from Fall meetings.
  7. Thompson/Chilcotin Steelhead update.

If you would like to receive emails regarding future Area 19/20 SFAB meetings, important notices and letters, please contact Ryan via this email

Dec 2018 SFAB Meeting Minutes

These are the minutes of the Sport Fishery Advisory Board main board meeting with the DFO in December of 2018.

A useful read if you enjoy and hope to continue to enjoy sport fishing in BC. Gives a sense of the myriad of details that make up the big picture, and some insight into DFO’s activities and concerns. Also shows the work the SFAB is doing on behalf of the recreational angler.

Notice of Victoria and Area SFAB Meeting Nov 27, 2018 at 7 pm

This meeting is intended to cover the agenda items remaining from the previous fall 2018 SFAB meeting.

WhatVictoria, Sidney, and Sooke Area Sports Fishing Advisory Board (SFAB) Committee Meeting. Open to the angling community and the public.
WhenTuesday November 27th, 2018 (7:00 p.m.- 9 p.m.)
WhereEsquimalt Anglers Association, 1101 Munro St, Victoria BC V9A 5P2
  • Halibut 2019 TAC Expectation and Committee Guidance on 2019 Season
    (See attached Chart)
  • DFO Fall 2018 Regional Updates
  • Creel Verification Project – Trailer Counting 2018 + Camera Info + Angler DNA Collection
NotesPlease review these documents for Halibut 2019 TAC and Options.

If you cannot attend the meeting and wish to comment on any topic on the agenda, please respond by email to RyanC.SFAB@gmail.com


Notice of Victoria SFAB Evening Meeting Nov 6 at 7pm

WHATVictoria and Area SFAB Committee Post-Season Meeting
WHENTuesday November 6th, 2018 (7:00 p.m.- 10:30 p.m.)
WHERESooke Community Hall,  2037 Shields Road, Sooke BC

This meeting is open to the angling community and the public – please feel free to broadcast this information so we consult with a greater audience.

Draft meeting minutes from Wed Oct 17th can be read here.

Draft Agenda for Tuesday Evening’s meeting:

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Remembering Gary West
  • Shellfish Aquaculture Tenure Proposals – Possession Point, Sooke (Presentation)
  • Summary of last Victoria and Area SFAB Committee Meeting (Wed Oct 17th)
  • Adoption of the minutes from the last meeting
  • SC Regional Updates
  • 2018 Consultation Timing regarding Salmon Measures (SFAB, IHPC, 25-35% Reduction, SRKW)
  • Post-Season Chinook Salmon Fishing (Angler Observations)
  • 2018 and 2019 Halibut Seasons +  TAC Expectation and Committee Guidance on 2019 Season (partial)
  • Southern Resident Killer Whale Measures and JDF and Gulf Islands Closures
  • Commercial Crabbing Concerns
  • Shellfish Aquaculture Tenure Proposals – Salt Spring Island
  • Creel Verification Project – Trailer Counting 2018 + Camera Info + angler DNA Collection
  • Enhancement Update
  • SFAB Representative Elections

Upcoming Victoria SFAB Daytime Meeting Oct 17 10 am – 12:30 pm

Chris Bos, Victoria and Area Committee Chair, Sport Fishing Advisory Board (SFAB), extends an invite to

WHAT:Victoria and Area SFAB Committee Post-Season Meeting
WHEN:Wednesday October 17th – (10:00 AM –  12:30 PM)
WHERE:Esquimalt Anglers Lounge, 1101 Munro Street, Victoria

This meeting is open to the angling community and the public. Please feel free to broadcast this information so the SFAB consults with a wider audience.

Draft agenda for Wednesday’s meeting:

  • 2018 Consultation Timing regarding Salmon Measures (SFAB, IHPC, 25-35% Reduction, SRKW)
  • Post-Season Chinook Salmon Fishing (Angler Observations)
  • 2019 Halibut TAC Expectation and Committee Guidance on Season
  • Southern Resident Killer Whale Measures and JDF and Gulf Islands Closures
  • Commercial Crabbing Concerns
  • 2 x Shellfish Farming Tenure Proposals
  • Enhancement Updates

Emergency Victoria and Area SFAB Committee Meeting re: 2018 Chinook


What:Emergency DFO 2018 Chinook Management Proposal
Host:Victoria and Area SFAB Committee
When:Friday May 4th at 7:00pm
Location:Four Points Sheraton Hotel, 829 McCallum Road, Langford

Chris Bos, Victoria and Area Committee Chair for the Sport Fishing Advisory Board, writes:

All are welcome to attend and please share this meeting invitation broadly so local salmon anglers know about it. There is no charge to attend, parking is free and the facilities are wheelchair accessible. There will be a cash bar in the room and I understand the hotel is planning a meeting dinner special in the restaurant for those who want to eat there before the meeting starts.

The meeting agenda will include:

  • PowerPoint about the DFO proposed additional Fraser Chinook measures in 2018
  • The proposed local SFAB committee response and a summary about other PFMAs where possible
  • PowerPoint update about the DFO Proposed Southern Resident Killer Whale closures
  • Initiating an angler-based stock composition and bio-sampling program

I look forward to seeing everyone there.

SFAB Main Board meeting April 14-15, Richmond, BC

The Sport Fishing Advisory Board (SFAB) main board is meeting this coming weekend, April 14-15, 2018 at the Airport Marriot Hotel, 7571 Westminster Highway, Richmond, BC. The public is welcome. Please respect the meeting chairperson with regard to speaking or presenting at this event. Follow this link to learn how to request meeting materials.

At a March 20, 2018 meeting of the Upper Fraser Valley Sport Fishing Advisory Committee, an update on enforcement of fishing regulations raised a number of concerns, among these being the few Fisheries Officers and Conservation Officers available to keep order, and the significant number of illegal net sets these few officers managed to catch. Which begs the question as to how much illegal fishing on the river goes unremarked?

5. Enforcement Update – C&P, F.V. East (FVE) –D. Clift

  • During 2017-18 season C&P staff levels/resources were very low (e.g. down from 11 Fishery Officers(FOs) to 5 F/T FOs and 1 Recruit);
  • Provincial CO Service are short also and are currently hiring more staff;
  • Low C&P resource levels also impacts ability to respond to new & emerging priorities;
  • Mission C&P Office is closed;
  • 2017 season enforcement stats summary: 126 illegal set nets, 90 violation tickets issued, 37 warnings and over 2000 fishers checked;
  • ORR staffing issue (i.e. limited/reduced coverage during 2017 season) impacted FO patrols;
  • Areas of reported high non-compliance in recreational fisheries were the Stave and Vedder Canal at Keith Wilson bridge.

Concern expressed by committee members about observed increase in number of cars seen
on Vedder Canal Dykes and potential impacts of these activities on riparian habitat areas; it
was confirmed that rules (i.e. bylaws) are in place prohibiting motorized vehicles.
General reminder to report fisheries enforcement concerns to Observe, Record, Report
(ORR) line 1-800-465-4336 & Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) 1-877-952-7277.

Victoria and Area SFAB Committee – Regional Issue Update from DFO

You may read this summary document from DFO concerning fish and fisheries issues being considered by and of interest to the Sport Fishing Advisory Board. If you have any questions or would like your local reps to bring something to the table at the upcoming South Coast SFAB meeting this coming weekend, please feel free to contact Tom Cole at (250) 478-1306 or by email, or Chris Bos at (778) 426-4141 or by email before this Saturday.

Mentioned in the document linked above is the Southern Resident Killer Whale fisheries management proposal from DFO. Earlier this year, in Feb and Mar, the Victoria and Area SFAB Committee held three emergency SFAB meetings (Sidney, Victoria and Sooke), where Martin Paish (SFAB Exec and IHPC SRKW Committee) and Chris Bos consulted with the local angling community so that a suitable response could be submitted to DFO from our sector relating to their proposal. The formal SFAB response was submitted before March 15th deadline and included the recommendations coming from the emergency meetings.

Regarding 2018 Chinook fishing coastwide – the department has recently sent out a document indicating they are contemplating additional Chinook management measures for BC this year. The concern DFO anticipates poor returns of number of stocks including but not limited to Skeena and Fraser Rivers. While no final decision on what measures may be taken has been made, further reductions in exploitation are being considered. For Fisheries Management Areas 18, 19 and 20 early timed Fraser stream-type Chinook are expected to be low too. It is not anticipated to have a closure of the Chinook fishery locally, but DFO might seek some additional tightening of the regs. SFAB reps will discuss this topic with DFO prior to the upcoming South Coast meeting.