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Salmon Allocaton Policy review: Terms of Reference

As directed in April 2018 by the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, following the B.C. Supreme Court Ahousaht decision, DFO is soon to undertake a review of the Pacific Salmon Allocation Policy. To guide this process, a draft Terms of Reference (ToR) for the participants has been developed.

Every fisherperson in BC – recreational, First Nation, and/or commercial – should have an interest in getting these ToR correct.

To that end, SFAC members are invited by the SFAB to read and review the ToR, as well as the SFAB’s own notes and comments on the ToR; and then provide, in writing, any additional comments, concerns and most importantly suggestions for improvement you may have to your local chair. All before Dec 31st, 2020!

SFAC Area 19/20 – Meeting to Discuss/Pass Motions Wednesday, Dec 02, 2020

Our local SFAC co-chair Ryan Chamberland has called a virtual meeting for Wednesday, Dec. 3 at 1:30 pm. The purpose is to discuss and then vote on whether two motions under consideration at this meeting should be put forward to the SFAB Chinook/Coho Working Group for their consideration.

If you can attend Wednesday @ 1:30 pm to discuss and vote on the following two motions it would be greatly appreciated by your local chairs Ryan and Chris. To attend, please contact Ryan by email for the Microsoft Teams meeting link or the (audio only) phone conference information.

The motions:

Motion 1 –  Selective marked fishery for Areas 18-19 and 20-1 to 20-6 (April 1st – June 10th)

Whereas the recreational fishery is dependent upon expectation and opportunity and;

Whereas Washington State releases over 70 million marked Chinook per year and;

Whereas for the last 12 years the Sidney anglers derby held in May each year has only shown 2  (two) Fraser Chinook intercepted in that time frame and;

Whereas DFO records indicate that the catch of Fraser Chinook is virtually non-existent in areas 18, 19 and 20-1-to 20-6 until June 10 and;

Whereas it has been shown that the Southern Resident Orcas have changed their foraging areas north of the entrance to Juan de Fuca in 2019 and 2020,

Therefore the regulations for the Juan de Fuca 2021 fishery should be changed to read “Chinook retention shall be limited to two hatchery marked Chinook in areas 18 and 19 and areas 20-1 to 20-6 from April 1 to June 10, 2021”

Motion 2 – Selective marked fishery for Areas 18-19 and 20-1 to 20-6 (June 11th – July 31st)

Whereas Washington state continues to release over 70 million hatchery marked Chinook and has stated that there is enough Chinook for all and;

Whereas these hatchery Chinook are for retention of all fisheries and;

Whereas the Southern Resident Orcas in the past 2 (two) years have been late in returning to BC waters and according to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans have changed their foraging areas further north of the entrance to Juan De Fuca Strait,

Therefore there should be a retention of one hatchery marked Chinook in areas 18 and 19 and 20-1 to 20-6 from June 11 to July 31, 2021. Possession limits to remain unchanged.

Local SFAC Meeting: Nov 3, 7 pm

The local SFAC meeting is planned for Nov. 3 at 7 pm. This link will allow you to join the MS Teams virtual meeting at that time. This document may help you join the meeting successfully.

The local SFAC chair was provided much information in advance of this meeting by South Coast SFAC chairs Mike Kelly and Erika Watkins. Some of this information is shared here.

This document is DFO’s “Regional recreational Updates – Fall 2020”. This document provides a lot of information and updates on a variety of species management issues and policy initiatives that DFO currently has underway in a regional context. It is intended as an information document. Note that the first 6 items in the document highlight issues that will be included in SFAB consultation during the upocoming cycle.

This document is the “SFAB Regional Priorities and Requests for Consideration 2020\2021”. This is a list of priority issues that the SFAB species specific working group chairs and the SFAB executive have identified as regional priorities for the upcoming consultation cycle. Please note that these regional priorities may not capture priorities at your local committee level, and it is anticipated  that both motions and action items that offer advice to address both regional and local issues may flow from your local meetings.

The SFAB motions tracking spreadsheet may help you understand the status of SFAB motions that have already been submitted to DFO as advice. This may help you understand how advice provided  by either your committee or the Regional and Main Board has been considered by DFO and what the outcome of that consideration has been. It also will assist in identifying outstanding items that require clarification.

Pat Ahern of the SFI has provided a slide deck to explain the status of the SFAB modernization process.

Under normal circumstances, in 2020/2021, elections would be held to either reconfirm the mandate of existing local, regional and Main Board chairs; or to replace them through a fair, transparent, anonymous and democratic process. Elections are being deferred until such time as they may occur in face to face meetings.

DFO: no to MM and MSF, yes to wild salmon policy

Near the end of June this year, the Sport Fishery Advisory Board sent a letter to DFO urging that agency to move forward with mass marking (MM) of hatchery chinook to enable mark selective fisheries (MSF) along our BC coast.

DFO’s response is lengthy and includes a full range of issues and topics to discuss, but basically comes down to: no to mass marking – it’s too hard and we can’t afford it, and those hatchery fish may out-compete the wild fish; no to marked selective fishery for areas such as south Vancouver Island – there may be an at risk chinook group that suffers some mortality.

The ACS has concerns regarding DFO’s approach to salmon conservation and its impact on the recreational fishers of BC. The consultations that DFO schedules with recreational groups – generally represented by SFAB – appear to carry little weight with regard to the fishery management measures put in place.

Scia’new First Nation closes Becher Bay to Commercial Crabbing

The First Nation in Becher Bay, the Scia’new First Nation, has identified and confirmed an invasive European Green (EG) crab outbreak. There are multiple nesting sites and these EG crabs are extremely harmful to the resident Red Rock and Dungeness crab population.

The Scia’new First Nation understands and supports the public recreational fishery. They wish to protect access for First Nations and public fishery opportunity for Red Rock and Dungeness Crab. The band has invested in the tourism, marine and land based developments and operations within their community, and supports the public recreational fishery as a way to helping their own coastal community thrive.

The EG crab problem has been identified; no remedial action by DFO has been taken. The band in concert with the local Sport Fishing Advisory Board (SFAB) initiated a commercial crab closure in the bay in 2017. This closure was not recognized or enforced by DFO.

The Becher Bay (Scia’new) Band has now initiated a complete Becher Bay commercial crab closure through their lawyers and the treaty process.

This October, at a meeting in Metchosin, the Sports Fishery Advisory Board declared support for the Becher Bay (Scia’new) First Nation’s commercial crab closure in Becher Bay. The closure is that part of Becher Bay within a line from Aldridge Point, then due east to the mark behind Bedford Island situated on Reserve #2 adjacent to Rocky Point ammunition depot in Metchosin.

South Coast SFAB meeting Nov. 23-24, 2019 in Nanaimo

The South Coast SFAB meeting will be held this coming weekend, November 23-24, 2019, at the Vancouver Island Conference Center (101 Gordon Street, Nanaimo) in the Dodd Narrows Room.

The draft agenda may be viewed here.

Speakers from the the floor are permitted at the discretion of the meeting chair. Parking is available for $10 per day underneath the Coast Bastion Hotel, which is perhaps a two minute walk to the conference center.

These regional SFAB meetings and the main board meeting in February will chart the course for how DFO manages the west coast fishery in the year ahead. The ACS encourages you to attend, learn and participate.

SRIF Awarded 700K for SFI Projects

The BC Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund (SRIF) has awarded $700,879.00 to the Sport Fishing Institute of BC (SFI) to deliver four key projects designed to help implement the first phases of SFAB’s Vision 2021.

The projects are:

  1. Public Fishery Advisory Process Review
  2. First Nations Consultation and Enhanced Participation in Public Fishery
  3. Increase Participation in Public Fishery – Special Focus on Youth and New Canadians
  4. Establish Public Fishery Socioeconomic Data Warehouse

See the full announcement here.

SFAB Survey ends November 13

As a part of the SFAB Vision 2021, Sport Fishing Advisory Chairs are asking their membership to complete this survey.

Your input will be included in a Gap and Opportunity Analysis that will be provided to a team we are assembling for a workshop on November 20 to 22 to review the SFAB process, its operating model, funding, and services delivered.  As a participant in the SFAB process, your input is highly valued, and we want to provide a wider opportunity for SFAB participants to share their input.

October 8: Fall (SFAC) Sport Fishing Advisory Meeting Victoria and Areas (19-20)

Ryan Chamberland, Area 19/20 SFAB Chair, invites you to attend the Fall SFAC Meeting for Area’s 19/20 on October 08, 2019 at 6pm.

Location:  Esquimalt Anglers Association, 1101 Munro St, Victoria.

Topics of discussion include:

  1. Priority messages on regulations for Chinook and Coho Salmon fishing to carry forward to the department.
  2. Halibut – Update on Season. How did this years regulations work for you?  Priorities requests for 2020 season?  What are possible changes you could accept?
  3. Prawn/Crab Update.
  4. Southern Resident Killer Whale Update. How are closures and restrictions effecting you?  Changes to be made, live with? 
  5. Enforcement Issues – Conservation and Protection Representative.
  6. BC Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund

Your SFAB chair needs motions to carry forward for a few of these topics. Please write down your proposed motion and bring it forward at the meeting. It will help to keep the meeting going, stay within the scheduled times, and be effective.  Once brought forward for discussion, we can edit as a group as and if needed.

Please check out and “like” the Facebook page Ryan has started for area 19 here https://www.facebook.com/SFACVictoria/ .