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South Coast SFAB meeting Nov. 23-24, 2019 in Nanaimo

The South Coast SFAB meeting will be held this coming weekend, November 23-24, 2019, at the Vancouver Island Conference Center (101 Gordon Street, Nanaimo) in the Dodd Narrows Room.

The draft agenda may be viewed here.

Speakers from the the floor are permitted at the discretion of the meeting chair. Parking is available for $10 per day underneath the Coast Bastion Hotel, which is perhaps a two minute walk to the conference center.

These regional SFAB meetings and the main board meeting in February will chart the course for how DFO manages the west coast fishery in the year ahead. The ACS encourages you to attend, learn and participate.

SRIF Awarded 700K for SFI Projects

The BC Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund (SRIF) has awarded $700,879.00 to the Sport Fishing Institute of BC (SFI) to deliver four key projects designed to help implement the first phases of SFAB’s Vision 2021.

The projects are:

  1. Public Fishery Advisory Process Review
  2. First Nations Consultation and Enhanced Participation in Public Fishery
  3. Increase Participation in Public Fishery – Special Focus on Youth and New Canadians
  4. Establish Public Fishery Socioeconomic Data Warehouse

See the full announcement here.

SFAB Survey ends November 13

As a part of the SFAB Vision 2021, Sport Fishing Advisory Chairs are asking their membership to complete this survey.

Your input will be included in a Gap and Opportunity Analysis that will be provided to a team we are assembling for a workshop on November 20 to 22 to review the SFAB process, its operating model, funding, and services delivered.  As a participant in the SFAB process, your input is highly valued, and we want to provide a wider opportunity for SFAB participants to share their input.

October 8: Fall (SFAC) Sport Fishing Advisory Meeting Victoria and Areas (19-20)

Ryan Chamberland, Area 19/20 SFAB Chair, invites you to attend the Fall SFAC Meeting for Area’s 19/20 on October 08, 2019 at 6pm.

Location:  Esquimalt Anglers Association, 1101 Munro St, Victoria.

Topics of discussion include:

  1. Priority messages on regulations for Chinook and Coho Salmon fishing to carry forward to the department.
  2. Halibut – Update on Season. How did this years regulations work for you?  Priorities requests for 2020 season?  What are possible changes you could accept?
  3. Prawn/Crab Update.
  4. Southern Resident Killer Whale Update. How are closures and restrictions effecting you?  Changes to be made, live with? 
  5. Enforcement Issues – Conservation and Protection Representative.
  6. BC Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund

Your SFAB chair needs motions to carry forward for a few of these topics. Please write down your proposed motion and bring it forward at the meeting. It will help to keep the meeting going, stay within the scheduled times, and be effective.  Once brought forward for discussion, we can edit as a group as and if needed.

Please check out and “like” the Facebook page Ryan has started for area 19 here https://www.facebook.com/SFACVictoria/ .

South Coast SFAB Meeting, Nanaimo, March 30-31, 2019

UPDATE: Proposed amendments to the Fisheries Act in Bill C-68 as well as subsequent changes to the BC Sport Fishing Regulations (BCSFRs) are reviewed and discussed here. A worksheet for the SFACs to capture members’ ideas regarding suggested changes to the BCSFRs is provided here.

The spring South Coast Sports Fishing Advisory Board (SFAB) meeting will take place in Nanaimo, at the Vancouver Island Conference Center, Dodd Narrows Room on March 30-31, 2019. 

A block of rooms has been reserved at the Coast Bastion Hotel. This arrangement expires March 11.

We encourage members of the clubs and associations that comprise the ACS to attend on Saturday, March 30. This will help us gain recognition in support of the ACS regaining a seat on the main board of the SFAB.

The draft agenda can be viewed here. The first day’s agenda is shown below.

SFAB Meeting

Ryan Chamberland, our Area 19/20 SFAB Chairperson, invites you to attend an SFAB meeting on Monday, March 04 at 7:00 pm at the Juan De Fuca Kinsmen Fieldhouse (Building by Golf Course/Tennis Facility, same room as Made In BC Wild Salmon meeting – see the red shape tagged with a 5, below).

Topics on the agenda are:

  1. 2019 Chinook Salmon Fisheries Management.
  2. New halibut regulations for 2019.
  3. Avid Anglers Update.
  4. Southern Resident Killer Whale Update.
  5. Prawn Reductions. DFO is recommending a 50% reduction in prawn limits. The Chair will be seeking input as what the SFAB should recommend to DFO as acceptable limit changes.  
  6. Update on previous motions from Fall meetings.
  7. Thompson/Chilcotin Steelhead update.

If you would like to receive emails regarding future Area 19/20 SFAB meetings, important notices and letters, please contact Ryan via this email

Dec 2018 SFAB Meeting Minutes

These are the minutes of the Sport Fishery Advisory Board main board meeting with the DFO in December of 2018.

A useful read if you enjoy and hope to continue to enjoy sport fishing in BC. Gives a sense of the myriad of details that make up the big picture, and some insight into DFO’s activities and concerns. Also shows the work the SFAB is doing on behalf of the recreational angler.

Notice of Victoria and Area SFAB Meeting Nov 27, 2018 at 7 pm

This meeting is intended to cover the agenda items remaining from the previous fall 2018 SFAB meeting.

WhatVictoria, Sidney, and Sooke Area Sports Fishing Advisory Board (SFAB) Committee Meeting. Open to the angling community and the public.
WhenTuesday November 27th, 2018 (7:00 p.m.- 9 p.m.)
WhereEsquimalt Anglers Association, 1101 Munro St, Victoria BC V9A 5P2
  • Halibut 2019 TAC Expectation and Committee Guidance on 2019 Season
    (See attached Chart)
  • DFO Fall 2018 Regional Updates
  • Creel Verification Project – Trailer Counting 2018 + Camera Info + Angler DNA Collection
NotesPlease review these documents for Halibut 2019 TAC and Options.

If you cannot attend the meeting and wish to comment on any topic on the agenda, please respond by email to RyanC.SFAB@gmail.com


Notice of Victoria SFAB Evening Meeting Nov 6 at 7pm

WHATVictoria and Area SFAB Committee Post-Season Meeting
WHENTuesday November 6th, 2018 (7:00 p.m.- 10:30 p.m.)
WHERESooke Community Hall,  2037 Shields Road, Sooke BC

This meeting is open to the angling community and the public – please feel free to broadcast this information so we consult with a greater audience.

Draft meeting minutes from Wed Oct 17th can be read here.

Draft Agenda for Tuesday Evening’s meeting:

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Remembering Gary West
  • Shellfish Aquaculture Tenure Proposals – Possession Point, Sooke (Presentation)
  • Summary of last Victoria and Area SFAB Committee Meeting (Wed Oct 17th)
  • Adoption of the minutes from the last meeting
  • SC Regional Updates
  • 2018 Consultation Timing regarding Salmon Measures (SFAB, IHPC, 25-35% Reduction, SRKW)
  • Post-Season Chinook Salmon Fishing (Angler Observations)
  • 2018 and 2019 Halibut Seasons +  TAC Expectation and Committee Guidance on 2019 Season (partial)
  • Southern Resident Killer Whale Measures and JDF and Gulf Islands Closures
  • Commercial Crabbing Concerns
  • Shellfish Aquaculture Tenure Proposals – Salt Spring Island
  • Creel Verification Project – Trailer Counting 2018 + Camera Info + angler DNA Collection
  • Enhancement Update
  • SFAB Representative Elections