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DFO Legal Challenge

Anglers, guides and businesses in Port Renfrew have a ‘go fund me campaign’ underway to raise money to take the Department of Fisheries & Oceans (DFO) to court over business losses as a consequence of this year’s additional Southern Resident Killer Whale (SRKW) and Chinook restrictions.  They have set up a Go-Fund-Me site to raise $100,000. 

This Island Fisherman magazine article provides the context, including the history, around this important topic.

Port Renfrew’s salmon hatchery enters a new era

The Peninsula News Review website has an article describing changes regarding the salmon hatchery at Port Renfrew. In contrast to the constant bad news regarding the salmon fishery around Vancouver Island, this is an exceptional good news story!

The changes have seen the dissolution of the founding San Juan Salmon Enhancement Society and the establishment of the 4Mile Creek Enhancement Society, which has now taken over the operation.

“Over the past four months, the (old) society was phased out and a new society has taken over,” Shane Bruinsma, the manager of the hatchery, said.

Morris Tremblay has been running it since 1976, but at 87 years old, he’s decided it’s time to pass the operation on,” Bruinsma said.

“I’m now managing the site along with Lisa Margetish, and we’ve got some exciting things planned. We know that the community’s support is at the heart of our ability to move forward.”

DFO to close fishing west of Otter Point – SVIAC asks you to write or phone Minister LeBlanc

Christopher Bos, President of the South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition, writes:

SVIAC have just learned that DFO’s proposed sport fishing closure for SRKWs in Juan de Fuca Strait will have boundaries between Otter Point in Sooke and East Point in Port Renfrew and is set to be a “no Fin Fish Fishing” zoneThe closure will start on June 1st and run through to September 30th. The SFAB asked for Fossil Point just west of Point-No-Point and no salmon fishing for the closed area. Closing the fin fish fishing west of Otter this summer is a terrible idea, will not save a single Southern Resident Orca and, as anglers, we must all let DFO know how seriously bad this decision will be for the community of Sooke.

Today several members of the SFAB met with DFO staff to discuss the soon to be announced SRKW Actions outlined in DFO Minister LeBlanc’s press release (see below).  We made a plea that the SFAB proposal be honoured.  However, it seems clear that the SFAB proposed closure boundaries reached after thorough consultation with many local anglers has been ignored by the Minister.  A real slap in the face to the respected SFAB process.

An SFI and SVIAC talking points and letter writing information document is attached [ed. – see below] – it includes names, email addresses and phone numbers 

So before the formal fishery notice is released YOU MUST ACT IMMEDIATELY to protect your fishing opportunities!  Wednesday is likely too late

NOTE – Please share this with any anglers who you think will write or phone.

Thank you sincerely for your help and support

SRKW Writing Points SFI&SVIAC-1