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Oct 15 2019: Halibut Fishing Still Open

The IPHC has released its latest catch assessment for 2019 here. As of this posting, fishing for halibut in BC waters remains open. As ever, subject to change in future, and for sportfishers, always subject to size and limit restrictions as published by DFO per area.

IPHC Decisions on Halibut

The International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) issued a news release that describes the detailed outcomes of their recent annual meeting.

As summarized for BC anglers in an email from Kelly Wagner of the South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition (SVIAC):

Canada’s total allowable catch is set at 6.83 Million lbs (slight decrease of 270,000 lbs from 2018)

Knowing the 2019 Total Allowable Catch for Canada, the SFAB can now turn to designing a fishery.

Once again a strong vote of thanks must be extended to our entire Canadian delegation, especially our Commissioners. We had 36 Canadian voting organizations represented at the Conference Board this year and I can confirm we are very fortunate to have the amount of knowledge, talent and expertise on our side of the table.