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Colquitz River Fish Fence: Community Volunteers Work to Save Wild Salmon

Colquitz fish trap being checked
Volunteers check the fish trap while community members look on.

Update Dec 17 to counts.

It’s been a tough autumn this year at the Colquitz River fish counting fence. Community volunteers, carrying on the legacy of the Colquitz Salmonid Stewardhip & Education Society, have been tracking the returning salmon – primarily coho – and giving them a boost upstream to preferred spawning grounds. It has proved to be a very poor year for returning coho.

The numbers from Oct 3 to Dec 7, when the fence was removed:

coho males29
coho females89
coho jacks193
cutthroat trout2
mort, coho female1


At mid-December 2014, the count was:

coho males508
coho females820
coho jacks221
cutthroat trout7
unknown, seen going round the fence20

A grim year for returns.

Netted fish at Colquitz River fish trap.
Fish netted to be tracked and placed upstream.
Fish netted at Colquitz River fish trap.
More fish netted at the fish trap.