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ACS Supports Protecting Mountain Road Property

The ACS has written to the Mayor and Council of Saanich, urging them to have the District of Saanich purchase the property at 4692 Mountain Road, possibly in concert with the CRD, Habitat Acquisition Trust and other similar organizations. The goal is to have this natural property remain undeveloped as parkland.

a large 49 acre forested parcel of land at 4692 Mountain Road which is currently for sale. This land is within the Viaduct Creek sub-drainage of Colquitz watershed. It performs a valuable function of moderating the runoff from heavy rain events. As such, it is beneficial to the salmonids which rear year round throughout the Colquitz River system. This property also serves to lower the flood risk in the lower watershed.

A similar letter has been sent to Colin Plant, Chair of the CRD board of directors.

We encourage you to add your voice to this issue by writing or speaking to Saanich Council, CRD Directors, and other organizations that may support our perspective on this.