Conservation & Protection Stats: Are we all in this together?

While the recreational fishery of SVI sat idle, the gillnets on the Fraser River worked overtime. DFO’s Conservation & Protection staff were kept very busy as these stats from DFO prove:

Violations, by action, FY 2020/2021 to Dec 10, 2020:

BC Interior & YukonLower FraserSouth CoastGrand Total
Charges Laid4523894
Charges Not Approved134
Charges Pending/Under Review9212120341
Diverted (Alternative Measures)11
Fishery Officer’s Direction (AIS)11
Inspector’s Direction (Habitat)235
Native Protocol24153372
Seizure(s) – Persons unknown819252252
Ticket Issued488733511272
Warning Issued78296407781
Grand Total171164310092823
Figures courtesy Fisheries and Oceans Canada