The ACS Member Clubs

The ELEVEN member organizations of the Amalgamated Conservation Society are:

Member Organization NameACS Liaison
Clover Point Anglers AssociationTom Vaida
Colquitz Salmonid Stewardship & Education SocietyGary Caton
Esquimalt Anglers AssociationGary Caton
Goldstream Volunteer Salmonid Enhancement AssociationJim Pearson
Haig-Brown Fly Fishing AssociationIan Holder
James Bay Anglers AssociationJim Dow
Royal Canadian Navy Anglers AssociationThomas Cole
Sidney Anglers AssociationDave Stephen
Victoria Fish and Game Protective AssociationWayne Zaccarelli
Victoria Golden Rods and Reels Brian Palas
Westcoast Flyfishers AssociationBrian Alexander