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Public Fishery Alliance: Call to Action

A House of Commons e-petition has been launched by a local public fisher and supported by Member of Parliament Mel Arnold. This petition requires a minimum of 500 signatures. If this minimum is reached it will be read in the House of Commons within 45 days.

Go here to sign the petition now =>

Please sign and share with others.

You may also read MP Mel Arnold’s recent statement on the BC public fishery.

What is the point of this, when the chinook fishery is upon us and will be nearly gone in 45 days? It adds to the record of the BC public’s dissatisfaction with the measures the DFO has taken in their attempts to manage BC’s chinook stocks.

Peaceful Information Rally Outside Downtown Vancouver DFO Office – July 6th, 2020, noon to 1:30 PM

Please see the PFA press release here.

The significant issues with early Fraser River Chinook salmon have been present for more than 15 years. DFO has made little, if any investment into their recovery, instead placing the ineffective burden on public fisheries. Restricting and closing public access to Chinook salmon is NOT a recovery plan. Minister Bernadette Jordan and the DFO need solutions with conviction. Current solutions have an optical presence to mislead Canadians that recovery will be attained. DFO needs to address threats to early Fraser River Chinook like habitat degradation, climate change, predators, pollution and illegal netting.

Date: Monday, July 6th
Time: 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Location: 401 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC (on the corner of Burrard and W. Hastings)

For those participating, thanks for your support. Please read the press release to be aware of and to follow the

  • PFA Information Rally code of conduct
  • BC government advice regarding COVID-19 protocols