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DFO Reminder of Chinook Management Measures

DFO has all of their 2019 notices posted here.

With FN1281, they sought to remind us of the measures in place to manage the recreational fishery for chinook:

The following is a reminder of the South Coast Area Chinook management measures currently in effect and continuing January 1, 2020 until further notice.

The daily limit for Chinook is two (2) per day in the following areas:

Areas 11 to 27, 28, 111, 121, 123 to 127; and Subareas 29-1 to 29-5 and 29-8.

Please do remember in addition to check area-specific regulations where you fish for further restrictions.

Also worth noting…

For the recreational fishery, the annual aggregate limit for Chinook salmon is ten (10) coast-wide in all tidal waters. The annual licence period is from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020.

Happy holidays from all at the Amalgamated Conservation Society.

2020-2021 IFMP Process and Deadline for Input

The 2020-2021 IFMP Timeline document from DFO sets out the dates and opportunities for comment regarding the IFMP.  Of particular interest, the deadline for input on the IFMP Planning Priorities is January 13, 2020.

An IFMP is an integrated fisheries management plan that DFO develops for each fishery to describe the fishery and its management issues, and then sets out how that fishery will be managed.  The IFMP priorities and the final plan set the stage for which fisheries regulations or harvest controls will be put in place. It is a critical document that directly impacts every recreational fisherperson.

The current 2019/2020 Salmon IFMPs are quite lengthy documents, and are available at:  

Please contact DFO by email with any feedback as soon as possible. 

You may join a group discussion on January 6th via a webinar hosted by the West Coast Fishing Guide Association (WCFGA). It may provide you a more accessible platform to discuss our fishery issues, learn from others, and develop a consistent message to provide DFO as feedback.

Webinar details: 

DateMonday, January 6, 2020
Time7 pm - 8:30 pm PST
TitleWCFGA Salmon IFMP Priorities Meeting
Link to join meeting from computer, smartphone or tablet.
Access Code
Access Code: 848-334-325
Audio only phone number+1 (647) 497-9391
Link to download GoToMeeting app

Sooke River Escapement Update from DFO

DFO has released their South Coast Salmon Bulletin in which they provide an update on the Sooke River escapement of chinook and chum salmon.

Thank you to the volunteers whose work forms the foundation for this good news. Also many thanks to those that fund these projects through their generous donations.

The goal of these efforts is to increase the abundance of Chinook salmon in fisheries and in spawning escapement. Moreover, this project should benefit Southern Resident Killer Whale (SRKW) prey abundance as well as ecotourism.

Scia’new First Nation closes Becher Bay to Commercial Crabbing

The First Nation in Becher Bay, the Scia’new First Nation, has identified and confirmed an invasive European Green (EG) crab outbreak. There are multiple nesting sites and these EG crabs are extremely harmful to the resident Red Rock and Dungeness crab population.

The Scia’new First Nation understands and supports the public recreational fishery. They wish to protect access for First Nations and public fishery opportunity for Red Rock and Dungeness Crab. The band has invested in the tourism, marine and land based developments and operations within their community, and supports the public recreational fishery as a way to helping their own coastal community thrive.

The EG crab problem has been identified; no remedial action by DFO has been taken. The band in concert with the local Sport Fishing Advisory Board (SFAB) initiated a commercial crab closure in the bay in 2017. This closure was not recognized or enforced by DFO.

The Becher Bay (Scia’new) Band has now initiated a complete Becher Bay commercial crab closure through their lawyers and the treaty process.

This October, at a meeting in Metchosin, the Sports Fishery Advisory Board declared support for the Becher Bay (Scia’new) First Nation’s commercial crab closure in Becher Bay. The closure is that part of Becher Bay within a line from Aldridge Point, then due east to the mark behind Bedford Island situated on Reserve #2 adjacent to Rocky Point ammunition depot in Metchosin.

Port Renfrew’s salmon hatchery enters a new era

The Peninsula News Review website has an article describing changes regarding the salmon hatchery at Port Renfrew. In contrast to the constant bad news regarding the salmon fishery around Vancouver Island, this is an exceptional good news story!

The changes have seen the dissolution of the founding San Juan Salmon Enhancement Society and the establishment of the 4Mile Creek Enhancement Society, which has now taken over the operation.

“Over the past four months, the (old) society was phased out and a new society has taken over,” Shane Bruinsma, the manager of the hatchery, said.

Morris Tremblay has been running it since 1976, but at 87 years old, he’s decided it’s time to pass the operation on,” Bruinsma said.

“I’m now managing the site along with Lisa Margetish, and we’ve got some exciting things planned. We know that the community’s support is at the heart of our ability to move forward.”