Millstream Creek Fishway Project: Photo Update

This project is led by Peninsula Streams Society (PSS) to construct a fishway at the Atkins Road culvert, near Mill Hill Regional Park. Fish passage is currently blocked by a high culvert under Atkins Road. The new fishway will construct fourteen step-pools leading up to the culvert, and add steel baffles to aid fish movement through it.

The fishway will allow fish to ascend past the culvert to access 7+ kilometers of habitat for spawning and rearing Cutthroat and Coho salmon.

More details on this project may be found here. The images here give some sense of the challenge and work involved.

16 Sturgeon Dead in Gillnet at Harrison and Fraser Rivers.

The Lower Fraser Fisheries Alliance (LFFA) passed on bad news regarding sturgeon deaths at the confluence of the Harrison and Fraser Rivers.

…on August 27th, a Conservation and Protection Officer from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) contacted our organization to inform us that 16 sturgeon were found dead in a gill net at the confluence of the Harrison and Fraser Rivers.

Email from LFFA

DFO Requests Feedback on 2020 Southern Resident Killer Whale Management Measures

Feliksas Markevicius, Recreational Fisheries Program Manager at DFO, has written to request feedback from recreational anglers regarding measures that DFO put in place to protect Southern Resident Killer Whales.

This information will help us to understand more about how the measures are working on the water and to help inform future management measures. Please note, the response to this survey will be collected anonymously and none of the information will be used to pursue enforcement action.

DFO email of August 26, 2020

This link ( takes you to a short survey regarding the 2020 suite of Southern Resident Killer Whale management measures.

You may read here about the Southern Resident Killer Whale management measures. Questions should be sent using email to the Marine Mammal Team –

ACS Supports Protecting Mountain Road Property

The ACS has written to the Mayor and Council of Saanich, urging them to have the District of Saanich purchase the property at 4692 Mountain Road, possibly in concert with the CRD, Habitat Acquisition Trust and other similar organizations. The goal is to have this natural property remain undeveloped as parkland.

a large 49 acre forested parcel of land at 4692 Mountain Road which is currently for sale. This land is within the Viaduct Creek sub-drainage of Colquitz watershed. It performs a valuable function of moderating the runoff from heavy rain events. As such, it is beneficial to the salmonids which rear year round throughout the Colquitz River system. This property also serves to lower the flood risk in the lower watershed.

A similar letter has been sent to Colin Plant, Chair of the CRD board of directors.

We encourage you to add your voice to this issue by writing or speaking to Saanich Council, CRD Directors, and other organizations that may support our perspective on this.

Big Bar Slide: Workaround is Working!

We have a report that in the six days leading up to Sunday, August 2nd, 2,771 salmon have safely entered the fish portal and been transported above the main rock fall area of the Big Bar Landslide.

With the six tube Whooshh Fish Portal now fully operational, it’s expected the numbers will increase as the larger runs arrive.

Public Fishery Alliance: Call to Action

A House of Commons e-petition has been launched by a local public fisher and supported by Member of Parliament Mel Arnold. This petition requires a minimum of 500 signatures. If this minimum is reached it will be read in the House of Commons within 45 days.

Go here to sign the petition now =>

Please sign and share with others.

You may also read MP Mel Arnold’s recent statement on the BC public fishery.

What is the point of this, when the chinook fishery is upon us and will be nearly gone in 45 days? It adds to the record of the BC public’s dissatisfaction with the measures the DFO has taken in their attempts to manage BC’s chinook stocks.

Peaceful Information Rally Outside Downtown Vancouver DFO Office – July 6th, 2020, noon to 1:30 PM

Please see the PFA press release here.

The significant issues with early Fraser River Chinook salmon have been present for more than 15 years. DFO has made little, if any investment into their recovery, instead placing the ineffective burden on public fisheries. Restricting and closing public access to Chinook salmon is NOT a recovery plan. Minister Bernadette Jordan and the DFO need solutions with conviction. Current solutions have an optical presence to mislead Canadians that recovery will be attained. DFO needs to address threats to early Fraser River Chinook like habitat degradation, climate change, predators, pollution and illegal netting.

Date: Monday, July 6th
Time: 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Location: 401 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC (on the corner of Burrard and W. Hastings)

For those participating, thanks for your support. Please read the press release to be aware of and to follow the

  • PFA Information Rally code of conduct
  • BC government advice regarding COVID-19 protocols

Update on Save Craigflower Creek

Angela Hanes has written to update the ACS community on the efforts to Save Craigflower Creek.

Hello all and hope you and yours have been keeping well.

Many would have received either a flyer or a communication from Transit showing the projects’ progress and a request to complete a survey. I encourage you to do so AND answer questions they aren’t asking. We all have many more concerns that aren’t addressed in the questionnaire.

**note that as of March ’20 (pre Covid) transit had not communicated with either Songhees or Esquimalt Nations.

That said, I haven’t given up yet and hope you haven’t either. This is all part of the process. Once we get clearance, a plan for a rally and getting more media attention will be underway. This was being planned for the end of March/ early April but Covid sidelined these efforts.

Lastly, a heartfelt thank you for all those who donated to the Go Fund Me campaign. We just received $500 from the Esquimalt Anglers!!!

Hope to have an update on this shortly!Don’t lose faith my friends, this is the long game.